Eco Fix Oil 100ml


Bike Chain & Multi-Purpose Lube 100ml


Eco Fix Oil Bike Chain & Multi-Purpose Lube is a low viscosity, fine oil, multi-application product that provides good penetration and lubrication for moving parts.

It also provides good water-proofing and corrosion-protecting qualities. On top of this, it has unique cleaning, de-greasing and corrosion dissolving properties. It is solvent free, so does not evaporate off or dry out. Eco Fix Oil Bike and Multi-Purpose Lube works exceptionally well to free, clean, lubricate and protect equipment it is applied to.

This pocket-sized bottle is designed specially for cyclists, to be easily carried in bike-bags or pouches. Its long spout is ideal for easily applying the product to chains and sprockets and other mechanisms without mess.


Cleaning and Lubricating a Bike Chain with Eco Fix Oil Bike Chain and Multi-Purpose Lube

  1. Crank the bike pedals in reverse to feed the chain around while applying drops of Eco Fix Oil onto the chain above the back sprocket. Apply just enough to allow a thin coating of the oil to spread evenly around the entire bike chain and sprockets and at the same time penetrate inside all the chain links where it needs cleaning and lubricating the most.
  2. Once an even coating is applied, take a cloth or rag and gently hold it around the chain where it runs between the back wheel and crank at the bottom of the bike and crank it backwards again to allow the chain to run through the cloth and wipe off any dirt and grime the oil has dissolved and loosened.
  3. Repeat step 1 application of Eco Fix Oil to leave the bike chain well lubricated and protected.


Made in New Zealand

Proudly made in New Zealand, using carefully selected source oils, which are mostly New Zealand grown Rapeseed and Sunflower Oils. We do not use Palm Oil source oils.

This product keeps well for 12 months, provided the lid is kept closed, in its own packaging.



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