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Mearth GTS Evo Electric Scooter 

Top Speed 45km
Max Range 70km
Weight 33kg
Max Load  150kg
Motor 1000W
Battery  Efficient 107W, 48V 13Ah battery
Charging Time 5-6 hours
Tyres 10-inch
Lights LED Headlight and taillight
Climb  can climb an uphill of up to 30 degrees in slope

The normal speed of the Mearth GTS Electric Scooter caps at 25 kph for city riding, but it could reach up to 70 Kph off-road. Since this is an off-road electric scooter, it was built on speed too. Just remember to ride safely at all times when reaching this speed. Make sure you are also in a safe environment.

Battery and Motor.
The Mearth GTS is a single motor e-scooter that provides a battery capacity of 13 amperes, 48 V and 624 watt-hours with a motor power of 1200 W to 1600 W.

It is also worth noting that its battery is co-engineered by Mearth and Panasonic. Moreover, with certainty, the GTS Max is one of the most powerful batteries and motor power that exists in the industry. What’s more, charging the battery only takes 3.5 to 6 hours.

On a single charge, the Mearth GTS Electric Scooter can travel up to 70 km. Awesome!

Hill climbing.
The GTS’ hill-climbing ability is suitable for driving through bumpy and jagged paths. And it can ride up to 30 degrees of slope too. No need to hike up while carrying your e-scooter, because it’s easier to pass through slopes with the GTS electric scooter.

The dashboard is simple and has an ample visible screen that will display your speed, riding mode, and battery level.

The Mearth GTS is equipped with an LED light at the front and rear. The front light is positioned at the lower part of the stem, conveniently lighting your path.

Ride Quality.
It’s a joy to ride the Mearth GTS Electric Scooter because of its solid build, powerful motor, fast speeds, and comfortable design. Thanks to its premium build, riding through any terrain is easier, safer, and more comfortable. The wide deck and the 150 kg max load make it very comfortable, stable, and safe for bigger people.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

Mearth Australia offers customers a 2-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the electric scooter’s battery and motor. Mearth also provides repair and after-sales support. Some customers say the brand has one of the best customer services.

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