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The LIVALL C20 Commuter Smart Helmet is thoughtfully designed to keep your head protected during commutes or leisure rides. It is the perfect riding companion for everyone, thanks to its various smart light options, extensive battery life, and robust structure. The helmet also includes a fall detection feature and SOS alert for additional safety measures.

Key Features

  • Increase Road Visibility: LIVALL’s C20 incorporates powerful LED lights at the back of the helmet. Its light comes in three modes (Flashing Light, Fast Flashing Light, Tidal Light) to make it easier for incoming drivers to spot you.
  • Smart Lights: Perfect for all bike riders and commuters, this helmet lets you set up its smart lights to automatically turn on during dark conditions.
  • Brake Warning Light: If you are about to stop or change directions, the automatic brake warning lights will illuminate for 3 seconds to alert drivers around you.
  • Fall Detection & SOS Alarm: In the event that the helmet detects a sudden change in your motion or when no movement is detected, it will begin a 90-second countdown. If you are okay and unharmed, simply swipe the alarm off on your smartphone to cancel the SOS. Otherwise, when the timer runs out, a text message will be sent to your emergency contacts (which you can set up in the app) automatically. The SMS message will contain a GPS positioning link to show your location on a map.
  • Auto-Off Function: To ensure maximum battery life, the LIVALL C20 Commuter Smart Helmet automatically turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity or when disconnected from your phone.
  • Robust Design: Thanks to its IPX4 rating, you do not need to worry about this helmet getting splashed or soaked in sweat. It is also made from rigid EPS and PC materials for added durability.
  • Battery Performance: It uses a 455mAh Lithium-Ion battery type to deliver up to 36 hours of running time in just 3 hours of charging through the magnetic USB port.
  • Fit for Everyone: The LIVALL C20 Commuter Smart Helmet is crafted to fit a range of head shapes and sizes.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The helmet weighs only 380gms, making it easy to wear, carry, and store.
Ideal Riding Partner for Urban Commuters
A quantum leap forward in safety and protection for commuters whose focus is getting from A-to-B safely. 
Bright LED Lighting
Packed-full with smart lighting technology, it provides riders with a high level of security at all times and in all directions. Inductive LED lighting can be set to automatically turn on even in the darkest settings.
Brake Warning Lights
Activated when the built-in-gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front and rear lights are enhanced for 3 seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic. 
Automatic On/Off
Smart On. Smart Off. It ensures maximum battery longevity by automatically powering off when it is disconnected from a phone and has been motionless for 15 minutes. 
Fall Detection Alert + SOS Alarm
The patented fall detection and SOS system can detect when you fall and send your location to your emergency contacts.

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