SwellPro FD1


SwellPro FD1



The Fisherman Drone FD1 with Mechanical Release system

The Swellpro Fisherman is the only water-resistant fishing drone engineered

to deliver your baits and long lines up to 1.6 km.
The Fisherman means you don’t need a boat to get to the
best coastal fishing spots. Shore-based anglers can dramatically
extend the casting range and drop multiple baits up to 2kg at once.

Carry Up To 2 Kg Weight

With its superior 2kh payload capacity, the SwellPro Fisherman gives you the flexibility to carry more than 10 baited hooks or lures on each cast.


Easy Bait Carrying

IP65 Water Resistant Body

Fly freely around saltwater without worrying about losing your drone.

Multi-cast per charge

A new 6700 mAh lithium battery provides up to 26 minutes flight time (without bait) allowing multiple bait drop missions from a single battery charge (distance dependant).

Up To 1.6 km Casting Range

The new remote controller supports control distances of up to 1600m. You will probably run out of line before you run out of range with FD1.

Failsafe Return

In case of loss of signal, or when the battery level reaches a low threshold, the fisherman drone will automatically release the fishing line and return to its starting point.


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