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Small and Streamlined:
This bell is not like any other bell you have used before. The Q Bell Mounts around your Scooter handlebar, so you don’t have a big bell sticking out and getting damaged easily.

Versatile Design:
The Q Bell comes in 3 different colors. So you can make your scooter stand out and look awesome, or have the bell blend in with your Scooter and be hidden.

Easy to install
The Q Bell is Very Easy to install. You just have to remove the 1 screw, slip on the Q Bell, Then just tighten the screw back up, and you’re done.

Fits most Electric Scooter Handlebars:
The Q Bell can Fit on Dualtron, Speedway, and Inokim Scooters without any extra work needing to be done.


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