Weldtite TF2 Aerosol Spray with Teflon 400ml, with Smart Head


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A modern vehicle has so many different moving parts which rely upon hinges, bearings, and other mechanical moving parts. A cycle is not different and after time becomes less maneuverable with grease and lubricates wearing out. This is where Weldtite has created an easy to use product to stop this from happening.

Weldtite Spray Lubricant has many uses throughout the workshop, industry, and the home. It penetrates and lubricates cables, linkages, hinges, locks, catches, and it’s specially designed for motorcycle chains. The Teflon formula creates a surface protector that stops dust and grime from sticking.

  • Why you want Weldtite Spray Lubricant:
  • Weldtite is the No.1 Worldwide best selling Teflon based lubricant spray in a 400ml aerosol spray.
  • Teflon molecular coating high lubricity.
  • Built-in repellant to disperse water.
  • High penetration into bearing surfaces.
  • Repels dirt and cleans surfaces leaving a protective film.
  • Also suitable for motorcycles, cars, boats, etc.